Digi Award Prize Winners 2021  (See these prize winners on the link above)

Year 3-4 Photography  Grace Hall      Sandy Jandals   3rd Place

Year 3-4 Short Film  Carys Rosin, Emma Peary, Annie Zhou and Eloise Mete       The Kindness Race   1st Place

                                  Joseph Mooney, Charlie Preece, Sophia McHale and QuillahBarber       The silly 10 metre race   2nd Place

Year 5-6 Photography  Libby Furlong    Morning Dew   3rd Place

Year 5-6 Coding    Noah Hart, Connor King        Three Little Aliens    3rd Place

Other Finalists:

Year 1-2 Animation    Isla Mooney, Lilly Berkett and Annika Robinson         Underwater hide and seek

Year 5-6 Photography   Jessica Donnison     A Little Help