Sports and Culture

There is a range of sports programmes students participate in during the summer and winter months.  The sports include and are not limited to...

  • Tee ball for the younger students.  Tee ball happens at Carters Park down Guppy Road on Saturday morning during the summer months.  Senior students who wish to play softball can do so through the local club
  • Cricket is run through the school and we always appreciate parent involvement and coaching
  • Hockey is a very important sport at Arthur Miller.  Younger and older students are encouraged to participate
  • Rippa Rugby and Touch are offered after school and during the winter season if sufficient students are interested. We always participate in the local school tournaments
  • Rugby on Saturday is run by local clubs
  • Netball runs during the second term and sometimes there is opportunity for additional games in term 3.  
  • Karate is run from our school hall on Monday afternoon after school.  All ages are encouraged.
  • Basketball runs at Pettigrew Green Arena  after school on Thursdays. Modified Basketbal is played on a smaller court and is a fast paced excellent game for younger students

We will offer and participate in as many sports as we can to our tamariki as long as numbers and parental, or staff, coach and management allow.  We have high expectations of role modelling positive sportsmanship, respect for our opposition, referees/umpires, own team and coaches/managers.  This standard starts from our coaches and parental supporters.


Cultural Opportunities​​​​​​​
There is also a range of cultural programmes for students to participate in during the year. These include...

  • The school choir runs most of the year on Monday  Incentives are visits to  Riversdale Village, the choir festival and singing with Suzanne Prentice ever second year
  • Ukulele Club is very popular at present.  Classes all have the opportunity to learn and before school sessions are also offered each Tuesday morning
  • Kapahaka group is tutored every week in preparation for the Taradale Kapahaka festival; and 
  • Guitar Club takes place on Wednesday morning at 8.a.m. Guitar tutoring is also offered on Monday mornings at 8am