Special Needs 

Arthur Miller School funds a part time literacy support teacher and a number of teacher aides who work with children who have particular identified learning needs. In addition we have a range of programmes to assist children on their learning journey such as Talk to Learn (oral language), Phonic support programmes, Support for Speakers of Other Languages and social skills training.

On entry to school students are monitored closely and at an early interview with the new entrant teacher a child may be identified with learning needs. If these are slight to moderate, these needs can usually be catered for within the classroom setting and through our in-school support programmes. We may also seek assistance from the local Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour.

More severe global needs usually means a referral to other agencies such as Group Special Education and may result in teacher aide hours being allocated to assist the child for part of the school day. These hours are hard to come by so student needs must be prioritised and a case made for extra funding. 

Gifted and Talented

At Arthur Miller School we aim to provide all leaners with an education matched to their learning needs. Gifted and talented students have learning needs that are different from other children and therefore require different learning opportunities and challenges to develop their full potential.

We identify our gifted and talented learners using a variety of tools and seek to  provide for their learning needs through in class differentiation of the curriculum; small group withdrawl, and inter school enrichment challenges.