Friends of Arthur Miller School (FOAMS)


Some school activities and equipment purchases fall outside of core business funding from the Ministry of Education. In conjunction with the Board of Trustees (BOT) we are keen to ensure students don't miss out as a result, so we work on fundraising and school enhancement initiatives.

FOAMS includes mums, dads, grandparents, a staff representative and a BOT member, who come along to meetings to keep us in touch with what is happening at a management level.

 We are all busy, so we aim to keep the workload to a minimum and only delegate jobs on a voluntary basis. If you do work full time (which many of us do) or are new to the school, it is a great way to be connected and meet other parents.

 Our past projects have included purchasing fitness stations, computers, sports equipment, and enhancing spaces such as the native corner, the sandpit, the turf development and the decks outside rooms 8/9.

 Each year the BOT and staff representative put forward suggestions of where funds might be used, enlisting FOAMS agreement and support. We like to fund one or two big projects that parents can see completed by the year's end – so the current children of the school get to benefit.

 We appreciate all parents' support - from selling chocolates, donating goods for raffles, purchasing calendars and helping out with our annual Quiz night.   Every little bit helps.

 We would love to see new faces; if giving time is not possible you may have some great connections that may be helpful.  It is no problem if you cannot commit to meetings but we would love you to help in some way. Just talk to Jo in the School Office and she will pass your details on for someone to get in touch.

 Be sure to follow and check out all the news on the FOAMS Facebook Page.

We meet at 6.30pm on the first Monday of the month in the school staff room. Check Facebook for meeting reminders and come along!