Student Achievement

We have high expectations for students and we monitor their progress and achievement regularly. Our expectations are that the vast majority of our children will meet the expectations we set for them.  Additional teacher support and teacher aide funding is channelled to ensure our children meet and exceed expectations. We report on student progress and achievement formally twice per year.  But we encourage as much parent- teacher dialogue as possible. We  have an informal conversation with parents and caregivers about how their children are settling into school and making friends in term 1. We have found that  with positive and regular home support, lots of parent -teacher chats  and intensive teaching at school, our students can achieve to the national expectations.

  • To honour the Treaty of Waitangi and our responsibilities under the New Zealand Curriculum we track our Maori students progress separately as well as the general school population.

Our student achievement data reflects the consistent high quality  teaching and learning programmes at all levels -  please see our annual charter for the annual results