Enrol at Arthur Miller

Our philosophy
We are small enough to be a caring, family friendly school yet big enough to provide diverse experiences for children.  We have a multi talented staff who share their expertise across the school in academic, sporting and cultural areas. As well as high quality programmes in literacy and numeracy, we provide an inquiry based programme that aims to capture students' interests in issues and topics relevant to them and their place in the world. 

Students can take up many opportunities as they move through the school - camping, sailing, kapahaka, choir, guitar, ukulele, aerobics, environmental club and orienteering.  We encourage choice. 

At A.M.S. we like children to taste many different activities in addition to acquiring foundation skills in literacy and numeracy.

Class sizes
We try to keep these small -  usually no more than 20 in Year one 22 in Year 2. If we can establish good working and learning habits in the first two years students can increasingly cope in larger classes. Our Year 3 and four classes are usually 25-28 and our senior rooms (Year 5 and 6) are often around 30.

Student Wellbeing and Bullying 
We know this is something all parents worry about.  We believe if children are not happy they are not going to learn.  Read about our pastoral care system that provides for the emotional wellbeing of our students.  Read our policy/procedure on bullying

What do other parents think?  Here are some comments from our charter review and our parent body 

"The high academic expectations was one reason we chose Arthur Miller "

"The school has an excellent reputation in the community"