Welcome to the Arthur Miller Parent Group

We're a group of parents who meet monthly to put fund raising opportunities into action and organise social activities for parents. Our group also includes a  staff representative and a Board of Trustees member who come along to meetings to keep us in touch with what is happening at a management level.

Like all schools, some activities and equipment fall outside core business funding from the Ministry of Education. The Parent Group, in conjunction with the Board, is proactive in ensuring students don't miss out as a result. In the past we've been very successful in raising funds to purchase fitness stations, computers, sports equipment, undertake landscaping and build the sandpit.

Each year the Board member and staff representative, put forward where funds might be used in the next year, enlisting parent group agreement and support. We like to fund one or two big projects that parents can see completed by the year's end – so the funds raised get spent on the children at the time.

In 2014 our goal was to raise money to build decking and stage area in front of Room 8&9.  In 2015  we   purchased new equipment and  complete the outdoor surfaces around the stage area.

2016  -  the  big project was  the development of the artificial  turf  which  has been a huge asset to our school.  We purchased new soccer and rugby goals, a set of balls for each class to use at playtimes, and markings for the turf, as well as more sports uniforms for Teeball and cricket.

In 2017 we are working toward purchasing more sports uniforms - especially for Basketball and Rugby. We are also aiming to increase the number of computers and Information Technology hardware to support learning in the junior and middle school teams.

We appreciate all parents' support in fund raising activities, from selling chocolates, donating goods for raffles, purchasing calendars and helping out with our annual Quiz night and Movie Night events.   Every little bit helps.

We would love to see new members, or if you can't commit to meetings but would love to help in some way, please don't hesitate to contact the parent group chairperson or Glenda Stuart , the staff representative on the Parent Group.  Alternatively just ring the School Office and we will put you on to the  right person!

Check out the parent group Facebook  page  Arthur Miller School facebook 

The Parent Group meets at 7 pm on the first Monday of the month, (with some variations to this - check the calendar on this site) in the school staff room.