Inquiry Learning 

Inquiry learning is all about capturing students' curiosity about topics or issues that are meaningful to them.

It is about our teachers, at this level, motivating and guiding students into investigations about their world, equipping them with the skills to think critically about information availalble from a variety of sources, and to create and apply new knowledge now and into the future.  Inquiry learning happens across the curriculum. Our model applies to all learniing areas.  It is a 4 step model:

Tuning In - What's happening? My questions are... What's this all about? 

Finding Out - I will be using resources to find out information

Sorting Out - I will be evaluating and using the information

Going Further - I will decide what to do with my new knowledge 

Each step can and often leads to a review.  We use a Ferris wheel to show the children the process is ongoing.