The School Council

The student council is elected from the Year 6 student group.  
Senior students vote for the 12  councillors and so do the staff. Students are expected to prepare and give a speech to their peers about why they think they would make a good student councillor. The council meet regularly, learn about meeting procedures and organise events and activities for the younger children of the school.  Each councillor is "buddied up" with new entrants so that, during a new entrant's transition to school, they will know an older student.  Now and again the councillors will share lunch with the new entrant class and organise a "wheels day " where the junior classes bring their skateboards and scooters, and they are allowed to ride around on a dedicated area of the playground supervised and helped by the councillors.


2019 School Councillors

Cooper Weir

Laura Hall

John Bidlake

Oliver Watson

Addison Field

Jade Leith

Liam O'Donoghue

Tayla Gosney

Tanner Windle

Joel Smith

Ava Simmonds

Jorja Day 


Peer Mediators

These are senior students in the school who are
trained to deal with low level incidents in the
playground. They are another set of students who help to maintain the caring and collaborative values we believe important in our school culture.




The Green Team

This is a group of  students who share a keen interest in the environment.  On one afternoon during the week they are often out and about planting or tending our vege and fruit garden, maintaining and manging our native corner of over 100 trees.  Here they are filling the vege boxes with mushroom compost for the season's planting. Much of this work is done in lunchtimes.







PALs - Physical Activity Leaders

PALs for 2019-

The physical activity leaders  plan and run organised games for junior and senior students on Tuesday lunchtimes.

KImberley Blakely

Jivtesh Singh

Jarvan Chambers

Tanner Windle

Tayla Gosney

Tama Shelford

Oliver Watson

Ryan Bushett

Harlym Bulled

Jade Leith

Olivia Kidd

Macy Bryant