Arthur Miller School in Motion

Have a look at recent events that our school community has been part of.

2018 Ki o Rahi tournament

Thumbnail: 2018 Ki o Rahi tournament
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Action shots of the AMS Ki o Rahi team taking part in the 2018 tournament at Bledisloe School. Many thanks to Chris Finn for the wonderful pictures.

2017 Tough Guy & Gal Challenge

Thumbnail: 2017 Tough Guy & Gal Challenge
162 Images

Over 130 AMS students battled through mud and over obstacles to triumph at the 2017 ITM Tough Guy & Gal Challenge on Monday 31st July 2017.

YEAR 6 bbq

Thumbnail: YEAR 6 bbq
23 Images

Class of 2016 having a ball

School Country 2016

Thumbnail: School Country 2016
100 Images

A beautiful day for the school cross country and all students very supportive of one another - a great example of manaakitanga

Book Fair in Action May 2016

Thumbnail: Book Fair in Action May 2016
32 Images

A marshamallow, milo and book night in the AMs Hall for all our families

The New School Council

Thumbnail: The New School Council
6 Images

On the 4th April our 13 new councillors were presented with their badges
We look forward to their contribution to the school in 2016

Teeball Champions

Thumbnail: Teeball Champions
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Congratulations to our AMS Lions, winners of the Teeball 'Peanut League' 2016.

Magnificent Movie Night

Thumbnail: Magnificent Movie Night
29 Images

5th March was a spectacular summer evening and the AMS community enjoyed a night under the stars watching Paddington Bear- a much loved movie for all - here are some shots of the fun preceding the movie

Our talented Mathematicians

Thumbnail: Our talented Mathematicians
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Harriet, Ashleigh and Nikita excelled in the local matheletics competition recently by taking out 1st place overall - and an ALL GIRLS' victory well done

Athletic Champions 2015

Thumbnail: Athletic Champions 2015
8 Images

Our school champions did us proud at the Inter School Athletics gaining a 2nd place out of all the Napier Schools. The relay teams did remarkably well

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Thumbnail: Teddy Bears' Picnic
17 Images

Some action shots of our students performing on Sunday 8th November 2015.
thanks to our dedicated teachers who support the choir, ukulele and guitar groups

Cross Country Winners on the Day

Thumbnail: Cross Country Winners on the Day
15 Images

Here are the first 6 place getters in each of the 4 races from Year 3 Boys and girls to Year 6 Boys and Girls. We wish those who made the inter school team all the best for next Tuesday.

Junior Endurance a thon

Thumbnail: Junior Endurance a thon
7 Images

Year 1-2 cross -field endurance a thon - an annual event that attracts lots of friends and family to AMS. A great morning ending with a sausage sizzle. Perrrrrfect !

The completion of the shade and new stage area

Thumbnail: The completion of the shade and new stage area
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Earlier this year we added the shade sails to the stage area in front of Room 8-9 . This area was built with voluntary parent help over 7 weekends and the result is spectacular.

Admin Building Snapshots

Thumbnail: Admin Building  Snapshots
7 Images

we have come a long way ... and nearly there

Parent Group Project 2014

Thumbnail: Parent Group Project  2014
13 Images

Work began on the expansive deck outside Rooms 8-9 on the weekend - a great start by a group of skilful volunteers

Winners of the School Cross Country

Thumbnail: Winners of the School Cross Country
6 Images

On Thursday 4 September AAMS held the annual school cross country at Tareha Park, in fine cloudy conditions - a perfect day for runninig.

the Victorious Spooner Shield

Thumbnail: the Victorious Spooner Shield
13 Images

AMS teams won decisively at the local Winter Sports tournament - the Spooner Shield - congratulations to coaches, students and teachers for a great effort and result.

Sandy's shots of Wellington Camp

Thumbnail: Sandy's shots of Wellington Camp
15 Images

Rooms 4,10, 11 & 12 set off to Wellington on Wednesday 30 August- here are a few casual shots

The Teddy Bears' Picnic 2014

Thumbnail: The Teddy Bears' Picnic  2014
37 Images

The School Council had a Teddy Bears' Picnic with all the 5year olds in Rooms 1 & 3 on Friday 14 May - a great time had by all

The 2014 School Council

Thumbnail: The 2014 School Council
17 Images

Congratulations to our 13 School Councillors for 2014

The New PALS for 2014

Thumbnail: The New PALS for 2014
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We congratulate our Physical Activty Leaders for 2014. They will be trained at Pettigrew Green very soon. On Monday and Tuesday at lunch they run games for younger students.

School Athletics

Thumbnail: School Athletics
37 Images

The Year 3- 6 athletic sports were held on Tuesday 12 November - on a cool Spring day.

Year 6 Yachting at PANDORA

Thumbnail: Year 6  Yachting at PANDORA
14 Images

Year 6 students enjoyed 5 mornings sailing at Pandora Pond - a great experience and thanks to the Optimist Yachting Trust for the provision and maintenance of these boats sponsored by local business here in HB.

Year 5 EOTC 2013

Thumbnail: Year 5 EOTC 2013
23 Images

Photos from the Year 5 Hobo stove and tent making day - a remarkably good day given the ominous weather earlier on


Thumbnail: Endurance-a-thon
138 Images

Team 1 had their endurance-a-thon in Term 3. This was to raise funds for the classroom.

Spooner Shield 2013

Thumbnail: Spooner Shield 2013
30 Images

Well done to all our teams - AMS came 2nd overall - a wonderful result

School Camp Room 10

Thumbnail: School Camp Room 10
80 Images

The first of three senior camps to Lake Waikaremoana started on 19 March

Magic Movie Night

Thumbnail: Magic Movie Night
25 Images

A very successful Parent Group Fundraiser held on Saturday 9 March raised $3,000 for the Library Information Centre upgrade

Active Schools Picnic

Thumbnail: Active Schools Picnic
22 Images

The annual Active School Picnic draws parents, students and teachers together in early March for a family evening of games

Camp Kaitawa Shop Day

Thumbnail: Camp Kaitawa Shop Day
19 Images

Senior students raising money for the three camps in March and April

Year 6 Leavers

Thumbnail: Year 6 Leavers
70 Images

Here are our special students who are leaving Arthur Miller School this year.

Christmas Concert

Thumbnail: Christmas Concert
70 Images

Check out the pictures from Friday evening's break-up concert.

Hadfield Memorial Trophy

Thumbnail: Hadfield Memorial Trophy
20 Images

Georgie Hawley was this year's recipient of this trophy which recognises her commitment to learning and involvement throughout six years of schooling at Arthur Miller School.

EOTC Team 1

Thumbnail: EOTC Team 1
50 Images

Team 1 spent the day at Ocean Spa, Spriggs Park and Ahuriri Estuary as part of their Education Outside The Classroom. Enjoy these pics - some were taken by the students in Room 4.

Greats and Grands Day

Thumbnail: Greats and Grands Day
30 Images

A great time had by all the children and their grandparents as they talked about the differences between school in the "old days" and now.Sharing the cupcakes was such fun !


Thumbnail: Kapahaka
20 Images

Arthur Miller School Kapahaka group took part in the Taradale Schools Festival. Click on a picture to enlarge it for a better view.

Tabloid Sports Day

Thumbnail: Tabloid Sports Day
6 Images

A few action shots of the whole school participating in tabloid activities. Students were whanau grouped and it was great to see the older students caring for the little ones.

Rippa Rugby Tournament

Thumbnail: Rippa Rugby Tournament
13 Images

Arthur Miller School students took part in this tournament on Friday 27th July. Check out the action in this collection of photos.

Senior Camp Room 10 shots

Thumbnail: Senior Camp Room 10 shots
53 Images

All three Year 5/6 classes enjoyed a capital camp in the capital ! Camp Wellington was a great success thanks to our dedicated teachers Mrs, Durham, Mrs, Anderson and Mr. Exeter

Senior Camp Room 11

Thumbnail: Senior Camp Room 11
21 Images

A few shots from the Room 11 experience in Wellington last week

Room 12 's Camp Wellington

Thumbnail: Room 12 's Camp Wellington
24 Images

And some action shots from the third class of students who enjoyed Wellington, despite the cold wet Wellington wind.

Whacky Hair Day Friday 1 June

Thumbnail: Whacky Hair Day Friday 1 June
6 Images

The student council are raising money for a mural to be painted on the concrete wall on the quad outside Rooms 10 -12. Friday's whacky hair day raised a further $300.00 - Many thanks to Shane Diphoorn from the Marewa Pie and Patty bakery who donated the 12 cupcakes for prizes. Here are some photos of the winners with Ms A( principal) - thanks School Councillors

Year 5 & 6 's trip to the NZSO

Thumbnail: Year 5 & 6 's trip to the NZSO
20 Images

Year 5&6 attended a recital by the NewZealand Symphony Orchestra in the Municipal Theatre in Napier, at which they were entranced by "Myths played to Music".


Thumbnail: Athletics
35 Images

Team two and three have been training for their athletics day. Here are some shots from the days competition at school. Some children will compete in the interschool-athletics later in the term. Click on an image to see a full size picture.

Science in a Van

Thumbnail: Science in a Van
25 Images

We had a great science experience with this visit. Click on a photo to see an enlargement.

End of Term 1 disco

Thumbnail: End of Term 1  disco
7 Images

A few action shots before the disco

The 2012 Council

Thumbnail: The 2012 Council
1 Images

These students are the 12 elected councillors from Year 6 for 2012. The student body elected them after they each presented a speech about their skills and talents.

Beginning School Seminar

Thumbnail: Beginning School Seminar
2 Images

Three times per year we run workshop evenings for parents of new entrant students where we explain how reading, writing and maths programmes are delivered. We also talk about the routines and the school day. Every parent who attends recieves a " Helping at Home" pack which is full of resources to help your child at home.

Extreme Exploration

Thumbnail: Extreme Exploration
36 Images

Team 2 have been investigating the incredible feats of Antarctic explorers. To tune us in to the difficult challenges they faced we took part in some challenges of our own. Click on any image to view it full size and you will have the option to view all images as a slide show.

Active School Evening 5th March

Thumbnail: Active School Evening  5th March
37 Images

Ecch year we hold an active school evening where parents join their children in fun games and activities followed by a barbeque in the grounds. Click on an image to see a full size photo.

White Pine Bush

Thumbnail: White Pine Bush
30 Images

Team 1 went to White Pine Bush on Monday 5 March as part of their studies into the New Zealand bush. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Year 6 Function

Thumbnail: Year 6 Function
16 Images

The year 6 students' leaving function

Team 1 Tabloid Sports

Thumbnail: Team 1 Tabloid Sports
24 Images

As part of their EOTC studies, Team 1 had Tabloid Sports activities. Click on an image to see a larger view. Here you will see Piranha River, Bean Bag Toss, Quoits, Water Buckets, Tarzan swinging and lots more.

Greats and Grands

Thumbnail: Greats and Grands
23 Images

Team 1 had some sharing time with their grandparents (even a few great grandparents too!). Here are some pictures from the sharing time. Click on a small image to enlarge it.

Dinosaur Dig

Thumbnail: Dinosaur Dig
34 Images

Room 3 and 4 paleontologists excavated the school sandpit to find bones as part of their Inquiry unit. Click on an image to enlarge view.

Wheels Day

Thumbnail: Wheels Day
16 Images

Room 3 had their Wheels Day in October. Here are some snapshots from their day which was run by the school council. Click on an image to see the photo in full size.

Book Character Day

Thumbnail: Book Character Day
27 Images

To celebrate the junior schools' learning about "Hooked on Books" they held a book character day where parents were invited along to read with the children. It was a great excuse to wear costumes too! Click on an image to see the photo in full size.


Thumbnail: PrEP
9 Images

Team 3 have been taking part in the PrEP (Primary Enterprise Programme) programme this term - working towards their market day. Here you can see some of the action from all their hard work. Click on an image to see the photo in full size.


Thumbnail: Disco
31 Images

The Parent Group held a school disco on 6 October - well two discos really, a junior and a senior. The theme was "Fancy Dress". Click on an image to see the photo in full size.

Rippa Rugby

Thumbnail: Rippa Rugby
15 Images

Team 2 trained for their Rippa Rugby Tournament. Here are some snapshots from their competition. Click on an image to see the photo in full size.


Thumbnail: Endurance-a-thon
16 Images

Team 1 were practising all term for their Endurance-a-thon. Here are some snapshots from the day. Click on an image to see the photo in full size.